Sunday, August 25, 2013

5 months (and 4 days)

At just over 5 months, Augie is:

:: Eating rice cereal. We were going to skip it, but then he started eying our plates like a starving orphan and we decided to go for it. It seems to be a rousing success. He eats. He smiles. His poop now smells.

:: Rolling over. Finally. In fact, it just happened today. Twice, in fact.

:: Consolidating his napping, but only at home and only on the weekends. Thank god for the 2+ hour afternoon nap when we need to prep for classes.

:: Going to daycare. This has been a tough transition. He still hasn't taken a good nap there, but I'm hoping that changes this week. His teachers seem kind and caring. He doesn't fuss, but he just won't sleep.

:: Playing contentedly by himself on the floor. This seems legacy of the first two weeks of daycare. We'll take it.

:: Sleeping without his beloved swaddle. I was terrified of weaning him from the wrap, but it was time (I found him banging his head against the crib rails with no way to move away from them) and the first two nights have so far been pretty smooth. He's growing up so fast that the next thing I know, he's going to want a waterbed and a disco ball in a den bedroom a la Greg Brady.

:: Slow down my babe. Slow down.


EAL said...

Love that look of pure joy on your face!

Maura said...

me too!! he is so cute I can't stand it. You are smart to do the rice cereal thing when he's interested. Frank showed interest at 5 months but I was such a freaking purist I held out til 6 months on the dot. By that time he had little interest and gagged on everything. This time around, Rufus is leading my decision, not some book! :)

If I remember right, Frank didn't sleep at daycare for a while. It's really hard to, I think, with all the other babies there, etc. It was all just fine. One of my students held him for hours while she worked because it was the only way he would sleep. I am forever grateful. ha.

Maura said...

at just over 5 months, Augie is... adorableness incarnate.