Thursday, May 30, 2013

10 weeks

At 10 weeks, August is:

:: smiling at J a lot, especially when he makes his "Dad" sign

:: sleeping in 4-hour blocks at night, with an occasional 6-hour miracle

:: still hating tummy time

:: still fixating on lights and high contrast images

:: remembering his first visit with Baba and CeCe who had a great weekend with us. Baba built Augie bookshelves and hung them in his window nook

:: not letting us get much of anything done

:: still not napping in his crib...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

six (and a half) weeks

At six, going on seven, weeks, August is:

:: Starting to assert his personality a little bit more, i.e. he wails when wants me and gets very frustrated when his binky falls out.

:: Smiling — though fleetingly and mostly in the middle of the night — when we ham it up for him.

:: Eating with more gusto and less duration. He'll happily take a bottle whenever we offer one, but I'm still trying to figure out the pumping and breastfeeding thing.

:: Enjoying daily walks with me and Homer. We mostly use the ergo carrier for our walks in the morning and the stroller for our evening constitutionals.

:: Wearing his one-size cloth diapers, which makes it super easy to change him and J has finally embraced the cloth. More on cloth diapering to come...

:: Venturing out for errands in the car. We went to Lowe's today and the UPS store (high excitement for Kentucky). We did have to leave Lowe's before we got our phlox (minor meltdown), but otherwise, it was successful.

:: Still sleeping in short bursts at night. We can't seem to make progress on this front. Any advice? Will I ever sleep for more than three hours in a row again?