Saturday, March 23, 2013

The first 48

Scenes from August Emanuel's first two days. Language to come...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

the yucks

I had such high hopes for spring break. I planned to race around for a week and tie up all sorts of pre-baby loose ends. I wanted J and I to go out to dinner and maybe even a movie. I wanted to cook and freeze meals. I wanted to finish my knitted blanket and do a bunch of grading. Instead, I’ve spent the last seven days bedridden. A week ago, I started to cough. By Tuesday, I was feverish and at the doctor. Somehow I contracted a late winter flu (even though I did get a flu shot) that has left me completely incapacitated and with a cough that sounds like a tortured seal. So I’ve spent all week chugging codeine-laden Robitussin, sleeping in two-hour increments, and praying that I don’t go into spontaneous labor while I’m this sick. I trust that my body wouldn’t do that to me, but I’m worried about not being fully recovered by Thursday, when I’m scheduled for a c-section. Yesterday I read that this cough can linger for weeks and the idea of it with six-inch incision makes me queasy (and compels me to research belly binding). And don’t even get me started on my concern that I’ll infect the baby with my yucks during his first days of his life.

But there are bright spots, yellow ones. Yogi ginger tea with whole lemons and lots of honey. A curled up mutt who just wants to give love. A cozy, cotton, lace lovey from a talented sister-in-law. And well, there's also the bright spot of March Madness just as we're about to enter a house-bound phase...

Sunday, March 10, 2013


They say that you’ll never really be ready, and of course we’re not. We’re not ready for the sleep deprivation (though I’ve done some good training in that area for about six months) or the emotional demands. We’re probably not ready for the love or the worry or the joy. But we are ready in the way that older, bourgie parents can be ready. We have the stuff or at least enough of the stuff that we won’t need to make late-night Walgreen's runs to get a rectal thermometer or a snot-sucker. We installed the car seat yesterday and I’m determined to pack the hospital bag this week. Our taxes are about to go to the accountant and the car will get serviced this week.

I made a linen ring-sling this week following this pattern and got to set my first pleats. The knitted blanket, following this pattern, continues in fits and starts, though this is my latest distraction. The external version failed this week, but I did manage to learn something about my pain tolerance (it’s higher than I thought). This means that I’ll have a c-section two weeks from tomorrow or sooner if I go into labor naturally. Thinking ahead about the recovery and our staircase has meant readying a little cradle in the den with diapering supplies nearby. I should be able to perch myself on the couch during the day and have a place for the baby next to me.

Yesterday I made a quick foray into the world of rompers, following this pattern with some revisions. I think I’m in love. Josh thinks it a little "fruity," which is exactly my goal. I should have lined up the whales, but alas, this really was just a first attempt. There will be many more. So long athletic wear for babies; hello shortall. The yellow and teal quilt was a lovely gift from a Berea friend and artist. I love it, especially the binding.

And in case you needed proof of my full-term girth, here it is.