Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just dropping in for a second to confirm that we’re still alive. In the last two weeks, we’ve weathered a major flea infestation (thanks Homer), a visit from Nana (who stopped by to purchase a house Yay!), a first real sickness (a 102 degree fever and all), and a semester in full swing (breathe, breathe).

We’re finding a rhythm, but man, it’s an exhausting one.

By Thursday, I’m just completely wreaked and need three days to catch up on sleep, not to mention reading and life. Josh has started cooking for the week on Sundays and this has helped enormously, especially when it’s 5:30 pm and we’re starving and have a ridiculously tired baby just home from daycare. The sleep loss, though, is real, even with a baby who wakes up just once, at 4 am, to nurse and snuggle in bed with us. While I was on leave, I was fine functioning on fewer hours, but when you have an intellectually challenging job, it’s really tough to work on three-quarters of your normal rest. We all need to start going to bed even earlier, like before 9 pm, and accept the temporary mediocrity of our work.

Our baby, fortunately, is anything but mediocre. He cracks us up. He rolls. He almost sits. He squeals. He squeaks. He listens to old time music. He laughs like an old man. He eats with spirit. He rumbles in the bath. He smiles ALL THE TIME.