Saturday, July 27, 2013

4+ months

At four months and a week, Augie is:

:: growing fatter and fatter. He topped the scales at nearly 17lbs on Thursday. But he's still short, of course. 

:: all head. That noggin is so big (this he must get from my side) that is seems to impede his ability to roll over, which he does not do.

:: growing out of his nystagmus! Our second opinion in Michigan suggested that his nystagmus was an anomalous tick of his development and we think he might be right. I haven't seen it in over a week. 

:: laughing like and with his dad. Josh gets him cracking up (video to come) and it's the best thing in the world. 

:: still sleeping through the night, but now in a big playpen next to our bed because he grew out of the cradle and I'm too nervous to have him sleep in a crib in his room. 

:: recovering from his first real cold (that I gave him in the midst of dental hell). He was a total trooper. 

:: getting ready to start daycare on Aug. 12. I'm dreading it. Josh can't wait. And Augie has no idea. I know it will feel good on some level to get back to work, but I'd really rather stay home and hang with the little mister. But alas, it's off to daycare he'll go. 

:: skipping the 4-month rice cereal thing. We'll exclusively breastfeed for 2 more months before we introduce some veggies. 


Alex said...

Excuse me, but the big head thing is so from the our side. Have you seen my father's head???

And yay on the breastfeeding. Look at that guy! Clearly he's thriving. Good job mama!

Maura said...

he is so freaking adorable I can't stand it. I love him!!!!

Maura said...

the yawn photo makes me so happy.